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Our Atelier

Visiting our atelier gives you the possibility to see the whole collection, to try on what you like and to choose your favourite pieces, which will be then specifically made for you in just a couple of weeks.

A special moment, when you’ll get to meet the designers and ask them fashion tips: for a special event or to make your every day life special.

Exclusive gift

Tailor Made Clothing

The art of dress making

Are you looking for that special, perfect gift? 

Choose one of the piece of the current collection. You will receive a gift box with the sketch of the piece you chose and a size chart that we will fill in together, during your exclusive visit to our atelier: our designer will take your measurements and will tell you how long you will have to wait to receive your very own, personalised, one of a kind, piece of clothing. 


Wedding dresses 

Due2 is so much more. We can design and put together a wedding gown that will reflect the bride’s personality. An unconventional person, who lives the wedding like a beautiful party and who is looking for a dress that can be informal and that can make them feel carefree.