About us


Our Manifesto

Idealists with a strong personality and with a sparkle in their eyes.

These are the people who love Due2. One of a kind, brave, with a pinch of eccentricity.

They love to be noticed when they make their entrance at a party. They love to see themselves, mirrored in the windows while their coat sways with every step take.

They have fun, playing different characters, sometimes even in one day. They relish the sensation of silk on their skin.

They are in awe of the beauty of a drawing and of the precision of a line. They are curious, funny, intense.

They are open to the unexpected and they are surprised by it.

These are the people who love Due2.

The creative process can come from different places, depending on whom you are asking the question to.

For Due2 is assimilation, rather than research. 

Thoughts are more like intuitions, like lighting striking, rather than a logical line of reasoning.


Art history is mixed with everyday life, with picture-like impressions that struck the mind and push it towards a theme.

We call them nuovi inneschi, new beginnings

Images, words, music, poetry, past lives, present

Lives, impossible and possible loves, sensations and

stardust, mixed together is a powerful cocktail that

gives us the way to express ourselves.

This is Due2.

This is the underworld that comes to light.

Valentina Domeneghini & Matteo Cassiaghi